The equipment the DJ uses for your event can be even more important than their skills. The most talented DJ in the world on second rate equipment will sound second rate.
We use only top of the line equipment. Here is a list and description of the sound equipment we use. Included are the approximate retail prices of the equipment to demonstrate the cost of this level of quality, which is much higher than the average DJ.
Technics 1200 Turntables
Technics have been the standard in DJing since the '70's. They are the wheels of steel and dependability is what they produce. No turntable is as trusted.

$499 each
Pioneer CDJ-1000 MkII CD Player
These are the gold standard of todays CDJ players. You can't do better with a DJ CD player than these.

$1200 each

Serato Scratch Live
Serato is a computer program combined with records containg computer signals that allows you to spin mp3 files on your computer as if they were on vinyl. With this we can play our thousands of mp3s with the rock solid Technics 1200s.

Pioneer DJM-600 Mixer
This mixer can be found in the majority of the clubs in the world due to outstanding sound quality, rock solid dependability, great performance and effects unit. I real workhorse.

JBL EON 15 inch Loudspeakers
These are great loudspeakers that pack loads out sound and power. They provide deep pounding bass without the pericing high ends that lesser speakers produce. A DJ with poor speakers can really kill your event. These will deliver every time.

$800 each
JBL mrx525 Dual 15 Loudspeakers
These are for very large events and can produce earthshattering sound that rocks the big venues.

$950 each
JBL mrx528 Subwoofer
These provide the HEAVY bass for the large events.

$900 each
QSC Power Amplifiers
QSC is THE leading name in pro audio amps. We have amps of different power outputs the drive the various speakers, subs and monitors. They all give crisp clear sound that you expect from a high quality pro grade powersorce.

$399-$900 each
What equippment is used at your event will depend on factors such as size and the type of event.
JBL EON G2 10 inch Powered Loudspeakers
These are amazing little speakers that pack TONS of sound. They are perfect fir for small events, especially when paired with the JRX sub.

$650 each
JBL JRX118s Subwoofers
This 18 inch subs really cranks out the bass and make the perfect companion to the EON loudspeakers.

$600 each
Pioneer DJM-3000 Mixer
Basicly the same as the DJM-600, but in a 19 inch model.

Shure Wired and Wireless Mics
Shure is one of the number one names in pro microphones. We use a wired or wireless option depending on the event. Our wireless mics are all UHF band. Many DJs use VHF band mics, at about 1/4 the cost. These cheaper mics constantly cause feedback, get interference from other devices such as cell phones and suffer from signal drop. Not a good thing when your best man is trying to give a toast. This is not a problem with our top of the line mics.

$129-500 each
Rane 3 way Crossover
This top line crossover splits the signal from the mixer into low, mid and high frequencies, sending each frequency to a different set of speakers. This allows to turn up the bass, treble or mid range levels independently for the perfect sound in any environment.


dbx 31 Band EQ
This EQ allows complete control over 31 EQ frequency ranges for each channel. This gives you the perfect sound balance in any environment and really makes the music and announcements stand out and sound amazing.


Furman Power Conditioner
Power can distort audio signals. Many venues have less than ideal power sources that can cause buzzing and pops. This power conditioner eliminates any dirty power interference.